We are a not-for-profit Celtic reenactment/ living history group known as the Tribes of the Blue Rose. Our emphasis is cultural archaeology; bring the civilization of the ancient Celtic peoples to a wide audience. We are a mix of Celtic, Roman and Germanic traditions.

Our reenactments include military combat, weapons construction, leatherwork, archery, period armor and clothing, the making of artifacts such as lampwork beads and jewelry, stone carving, wood carving, and whatever other interesting things we may find to do from our readings and research of our specific time period of reenactment.

The time and scope of our reenactment is mainly the time period of the 2nd through the 6th century A.D. during the departure of Rome and the migration of Germanic tribes into Britain. Our Tribal hillforts are located through out the Mid West.

The Tribes of the Blue Rose can be available for public and private events. We perform at Cultural festivals, Medieval and Renaissance Fairs, Sporting events, Parades and Themed parties. We do historical / educational demonstrations and presentations for Schools and Universities.


 UPDATED March 10 2010

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